Gregory Schroeder

Starting the year on a note of generational continuity… 

1. Please share a haiku you have written.

Gregory Schroeder

Gregory Schroeder

Geraniums bloom
From grandfather to grandson

2. Why did you pick this one?

This one is special to me because it is about holding on to the memory of my grandfather through a physical living connection. I have a pair of geraniums that are in a continuous line, by cuttings, from the original geraniums by grandfather planted in 1962, the year of my birth.

3. How many have you written? How often do you write? What inspires you?

I have written about 100 haiku. I try to write every day, not only haiku but other poetry and prose. I take inspiration from the little things all around – natural and human. Everyday things that make life beautiful and meaningful on an immediate, constant basis.

4. Why do your write haiku? How did you get started?

I like haiku because the length and structure forces you to think and be creative within a structure. The exercise of writing haiku makes my free-form verse better because of the thinking and vocabulary extension involved.

5. Do you work with other forms related to haiku, like renga, senryu, haiga, tanka, etc.?

No, but plan to explore them when I can concentrate on the form.

6. What advice would you give to aspiring haiku writers?

Just write.

7. Where can people read your haiku?

52 Haiku is available on as a free ebook download. My books Conditions and Transitions both contain some haiku, amid mostly other forms of poetry. They are both available as ebooks from and as paperbacks from most online retailers.


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