Matt Coughlan

This is our firs Q&A which has been answered entirely in haiku. Thanks Matt!


1. Please share a haiku you have written.

I’m the most serene
solitary hurricane
you’ve never witnessed

2. Why did you pick this one?

all I can be is
in a box so tiny you
can never find it

3. How many have you written? How often do you write? What inspires you?

I stopped counting stars
once I realized every one
wasn’t mine to have

the words are jealous
whenever I forget to
channel their message

driftwood ideas
are debris to some people
yet firewood to me

4. Why do you write haiku? How did you get started?

what poem can I write
with these wavering words that
stands longer than stone

loneliness is an
ideal opportunity
to welcome yourself

5. Do you work with other forms related to haiku, like renga, senryu, haiga, tanka, etc.?

only a moved heart / is still #sixwords

6. What advice would you give to aspiring haiku writers?

would one rather be
a fructiferous fool or
a barren genius

7. Where can people read your haikus?

on the internet:
twitter: @happybucket
facebook: matt coughlan


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